Trigger warning! We do talk about our trauma journeys and how we've made intentional choices in spite of trauma. This is one of my favorite episodes on the show full of encouragement and vulnerability. 

We chat with doula, homemaker, mom, artist, wife: Rachel Hollinger about how to build a home that reflects what you want to feel.

Get inspired to build a home simply and beautifully! Some tips and talk about why beauty matters in the home. Tiffany Hahn is an interior designer who is so encouraging and vulnerable in this episode. 

LaToya learns to see hard things within a new framework.

Activities to keep your little ones engaged and entertained during the summer!

We chat with seasoned mama and author, Catherine Jones, about pregnancy and postpartum health!

In this episode I'm sharing how I am going to look after and take care of myself this summer. As mamas we spend most of our energy planning and prepping for our families, but this year I'm including myself in my plans as well! You can find the recommended books and the episodes bullet point notes in the show notes at thenewmomshow.com

This week we share what our experience has been the last couple of weeks and how we're coping with what's going on in the world around us. We share vulnerably about our personal stories and journeys as women of color. 

We chat with the nurse and play therapist Le Ching, about the importance of playing with our kiddos.

We're talking about the benefits of gardening and simple tips for getting started as a home gardener. 

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